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Happy Birthday, Reborn! [10.13]  (ノ´ー`)ノ
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Happy birthday to the legendary Reborn! // 10.13 

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13.10 | Happy Birthday, Reborn!
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Akira Amano new project

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Anonymous asked: daemon would you say "not now boner" if you suddenly had one during an intense battle

Daemon- Well, it happened before..


Kyoko- Please let us out!!
Haru- We didn’t do anything wrong to you!
Daemon- you stay there and be good girls, okay?
Yuni- *Looks down* Oh my god!!
Kyoko- *Closes her eyes* I don’t want to end like this!!
Daemon- No. NO!! IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK!! *looks down and whispers* not now, little one!!


Daemon- And that’s why I was never allowed to be near with underage girls in at least ten feet away.

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How to Train Your しゅごしゃ

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